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The History of Web Design

The History of Web Design

In 1936, Konrad Ruse built the first freely programmable computer. By 1951, IBM enters the history of the computer… fast forward to 1986 and explosion of the personal computer onto the high tech scene. Networked computers and Microsoft versus Apple Computer wars all enter into the picture and shape the destiny of the World Wide Web.

Today, one of the hottest businesses to be part of is the high-tech computer industry, specifically web design. Although engineers, mathematicians, programmers, and scientists all have a niche in the computer industry too, web designers are part scientists, part computer programmers, and part graphic artists that use their high tech skills to create an online portal for the researcher or consumer. They create a company’s public face to the global audience.

The first high level programming language was FORTRAN Computer Programming Language. This scientific and mathematical language, created by John Backus in 1954, is still in use today. Web designers have a more user friendly programming language to choose from like HTML and Front Page. Instead of learning a completely new language of code or formulas, today’s web designers can create a basic website. Flash animation allows even more technical visual graphic interfaces.

A website is always a work in progress, requiring the owner to hire someone to take charge of their web presence or do it themselves. This is how web design can be a lucrative profession for anyone willing to take the time to learn the basics of creating HTML pages and staying on top of this highly innovative industry.

A main consideration for anyone creating web designs for their own personal use or for others is where to host the website. Web hosting companies like Go Daddy and Just Host are an example of two companies that provide web designers a portal to get their website online. The company provides the servers and storage space that is required as part of the web design process.

As these companies grow in number their competitiveness also grows. Some of the best prices and service can be found with a simple search engine request. These companies want even people with no web design background to create a website so they make it as simple and affordable as possible.

The timeline of a website goes from the idea stage (business or research project) to web design to web hosting to going live to a global audience. An effective web design is like a virtual business card that captures the viewers’ attention, answers their questions, and provides a learning experience, product, or service with a call to action. For example, ‘here is how to do this’,’ buy this product’, or ‘use my services.’ The designer should have this foremost in their mind when creating a website that is easy to use, quick to load, and calls the consumer to an action of some type like those listed above.

A web designer can learn their craft and start their own business from anywhere in the world. Web design is a field that allows a telecommuting and work at home options. It is a fulfilling career that anyone can start at any age. Even teens and preteens have learned how to create websites (and then taught their parents!) It is a viable option for stay at home moms, retired people, and entrepreneurs looking for a new niche.