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The Advantages and Disadvantages of RAID Arrays

The Advantages and Disadvantages of RAID Arrays

RAID arrays are starting to be additional and extra popular for modest small business buyers and those people who have large quantities of facts that will have to be saved and accessed on a frequent foundation. A RAID array is a group of two or extra tough disk drives linked to a laptop method that perform collectively to store and retrieve knowledge. There are many concentrations of RAID, which are numerous configurations mentioned as RAID , RAID 1 and so on.

RAID arrays had been first conceptualized in 1978 by Norman Ouchi, an IBM pc scientist who wrote up a series of strategies for a system which would finally turn out to be RAID 5. In 1987 scientists at the University of Berkeley even further formulated the thought but were being stumped by the fact that though RAID arrays presented a lot superior storage ability, they also tended to break down and crash a great deal additional typically than solitary drive programs.

In 1988 David Patterson, Garth Gibson and Randy Katz wrote an article titled, “A Situation for Redundant Arrays of Low-cost Disks (RAID)”. This was the initially short article to use the time period RAID. The title trapped and is still made use of today.

At the existing time there are a significant amount of RAID levels or configurations. Some of which this kind of as RAID 1 and RAID 5 are extremely well-liked and other individuals this kind of as RAID 2, 3 or 4 are now out of date. The a variety of amount of RAID arrays retailer facts in different means and allow for for variants in the level of redundancy, defense from disk failure and velocity of crafting or accessing documents from the array.

Below are some of the most vital advantages of RAID arrays as they are utilised today:

RAID arrays can be a lot more reliable.

RAID degrees 1, 5, 6 and +1/10 supply security towards knowledge reduction thanks to the failure of 1 or more hard drives in the array. These RAID stages shop facts in much more than a single place on the array so that if 1 push fails, the details can be recovered from other drives in the process. Even though the file is being restored, the laptop system can even now be used, while the overall performance tends to put up with a minimal in this point out.

This software is really crucial to firms that call for obtain to their information to continue to keep their enterprises jogging. Residence consumers who retail store large quantities of details (for example significant figures of audio or video data files) can rely on the improved reliability of a RAID details storage program.

RAID can enhance overall performance.

RAID concentrations , 5 and 6 use a technique known as striping which entails breaking up a block of information into small segments and storing these segments sequentially among the the drives in the array. This makes it possible for you to obtain details extra promptly and can make things this sort of as tunes and movie files run much much more swiftly and effortlessly.

Right here are some of the most important negatives of RAID arrays as they are utilised now:

RAID cannot entirely defend your info.

A RAID array only has one particular particular person file process. As a outcome, while RAID arrays are superior at shielding your facts from physical disk failure, it is really not as superior at protecting your details from other issues these kinds of as file corruption, pc viruses, accidental deletion or all-natural disasters. The most effective way to safeguard your info is to back it up to a detachable storage media these kinds of as an external difficult generate and retailer the media off website.

RAID does not make details restoration any a lot easier.

RAID restoration is no easier than on an particular person challenging push. If you want to get better data from a failed generate that was component of a RAID array, you can still have the similar level of difficulty that goes with solitary generate methods. With the sheer volume of data and the complexity of info recovery from a RAID array, deciding on the ideal details restoration corporation for a RAID server recovery is even far more very important than with a typical hard push.

RAID isn’t going to constantly result in enhanced process efficiency.

Some RAID configurations do a good job of enhancing technique effectiveness, but not all. RAID , for instance, even though it gives redundancy that helps secure from difficult generate failure, usually won’t boost system functionality by significantly. It can be generally only an benefit for users who will need to obtain massive amounts of info.


It’s quite complicated to transfer a RAID array from 1 computer system procedure to a different. A one travel, on the other hand, can quickly be disconnected from just one pc and moved to another. This absence of portability can develop sizeable challenges for RAID consumers in specific situations – which could depart you in require of a details recovery firm.

Ultimately the efficacy of RAID arrays depends on your unique needs and the stage of RAID that you’re jogging. Before you decide to use a RAID array, you really should look at what you will be using it for and what RAID level greatest satisfies your needs.