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LINKSYS WAP54G Wireless Access Point: Love Them and Hate Them

LINKSYS WAP54G Wireless Access Point: Love Them and Hate Them

I have put in the WAP54G wi-fi access issue since its launch and uncovered it a fantastic access stage to work with. I have put in the WAP54G wireless obtain position in tiny places of work, big warehouses, faculties and place of work properties. Providers like the WAP54 so a great deal since 1st it really is inexpensive and second it truly is inexpensive.If you have the dollars you will constantly want to invest in organization course wireless access details. They are sturdier and have many extra energy and antenna capabilities that the WPA54G wi-fi entry stage.If you you should not have the funds and require a wireless community the WAP54g is the most adaptable and least expensive entry point you can buy on the market place. Cheap does arrive with Quarks and more than the several years I have seen a lot of which I will checklist here.

1. Firmware – Right before you commence configuring your wireless obtain details upgrade the firmware to start with to keep away from head aches. WAP54g’s will work 100 situations superior if you have the suitable firmware edition set up. Linksys is extremely fantastic at fixing bugs and if they have a extra the latest firmware version out you superior set up it. If you do not have the most up to date firmware and plan on applying WPA2 with AES you will have difficulties.

2. Ability Cycling – A widespread challenge with all Non- Enterprise class accessibility points is that sometimes they require to be restarted or electricity cycled. The WAP54g is no exception, if your wi-fi buyers are enduring slow connections or they are not associating with the wi-fi obtain stage then restart it. It is a quark but it does take care of several of the WAP54g’s troubles.

3. Less is Far more – Because the WAP54g is a low-cost wireless obtain level companies will order a great deal of them (generally as well many) a position them in a smaller house. Just like all wireless obtain points placement is the important to obtaining seamless excellent wi-fi coverage in you operations place. If a firm says that its wi-fi network is sluggish or they are often shedding connections they might have much too a lot of wireless access points in a smaller spot. As well numerous WAP54g in a small location will cause chaos, transform them all off and start positioning them in superior bigger positions just one at a time, preferably mounted on the wall.

You will want a lot less wireless access factors if you use the proper wireless antenna. The WAP54g comes with two di-pole omni-directional antennas that emit a wi-fi signal in a doughnut sample. If you position the WAP54 wi-fi obtain position near a wall half of your signal is heading out the window. Invest in a directional antenna to substitute the rubber duck antennas. You will uncover that you have a superior signal high quality and your wireless network will be a lot more secure simply because nobody can sit in the parking whole lot and decide on up your SSID.

4. Undesirable Obtain Details – I thanks recommend the WAP54g wi-fi obtain place but I have operate into numerous lemons. If you install a wi-fi access stage and quite a few folks are having difficulties connecting, soon after you have upgraded the firmware and upgraded their motorists, You could have a lemon wi-fi obtain level. As a community admin you really don’t have hours and hours of time to screw with a person thing, if absolutely everyone connects fantastic to all the WAP54g’s other than for one toss it or return it. WPA54g’s are sensitive to power fluctuations and it could have bought zapped, generally have it plugged into a surge protector.

Like I have claimed in advance of the WAP54g is a fantastic low-priced wireless access position. When your customer is strapped for cash and desires a wireless community use a linksys WAP54. Just keep in mind to up grade you firmware, ability cycle if you are dealing with odd challenges, much less is additional and don’t squander your time on a lemon.