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How To Finally Stop Your Browser From Constantly Popping Up Xfinity’s Login Page On Your Mac

How To Finally Stop Your Browser From Constantly Popping Up Xfinity’s Login Page On Your Mac

There you are, at your beloved relaxed space to unwind, do some inventive perform or just dangle out. The atmosphere is just appropriate, delicious consume in just attain, and you might be all set to sort absent and then… Out of nowhere your net browser opens up to an Xfinity webpage asking for your consumer title and password.

You brush it off as a a person-time annoyance and close the browser. But just like a child begging for awareness it comes back again, seems to be up at you, and taps on your shoulder asking to go on an Internet joyride, not as soon as, not twice, but Each individual time you close the browser.

You can at last set this wild child in time out and get back again to your satisfied spot.

The challenge lies in just two regions, the public accessibility part of the router in both the household or business your connected to and the community list on your Mac.

General public Entry

In Comcast’s infinite wisdom, they’ve re-provisioned their routers to let subscribers to log into their Comcast account and join to the World-wide-web wherever services is available through the community title “xfinity wifi”. All those seeking this wide availability without the need of a Comcast account are out of luck.

This permits subscribers to do two things:

Initially, it connects subscribers to the quite a few routers inside of Comcast’s territory, generating a mesh community of general public wi-fi hotspots with just your login data devoid of incurring extra charges to your possess account.

Second, it separates the relationship in between the house or organization entrepreneurs from that of the subscribers who quickly attach to the router and does not count as site visitors produced from the entrepreneurs of the router.

Now on to receiving this difficulty out of the way.

Mac Community Listing

The major issues with minimal “Xfinity Wifi” obtaining in your encounter lies within a spot you have handle around – your network list.

A couple notes on Mac network preferences:

Mainly because the Xfinity Wifi is an open community, it doesn’t demand a username and a password until finally you log into the network.

Open networks get desired position and are tried initial when the wi-fi adapter appears to be for a community to be part of.

You can tweak your Mac’s default actions by rearranging the checklist in the Community panel in Process Choices.

Tweak Your List Of Desired Networks

1. In Program Choices simply click on Network.

2. The very first Community option outlined ought to be Wi-Fi make certain this is highlighted.

3. Future, come across and click on on the Innovative button on the decrease appropriate.

4. You can go your favored networks bigger in the checklist according to frequency to the prime of that display. Discover the “Xfinity wifi” community in the listing simply click on it and then simply click the “-” button to rid by yourself of this beast.

5. If your iCloud keychain is energetic, click Get rid of (All units connected to iCloud will also take away the “Xfinity wifi” network.)

6. Click Alright.

7. Click Use.

Now you never have to stress about Mac’s regularly opening your web browser each time you want to hook up to a wi-fi community.