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How To Destroy Your Hard Disk

How To Destroy Your Hard Disk

At the time you have wiped your disk drive, you can also think about destroying it absolutely. If you are fearful about some delicate or absolutely worthless details on the disk, seeking these methods for destroying the tough disk drive may satisfy you. But make sure that you do not try any of the adhering to methods if you are not confident about the benefits.

Method 1

Use a hammer. It is the most direct and fastest system that can be made use of to ruin the platters of tough disk travel. Set your disk on a tricky concrete floor so that the surface area does not get afflicted by hammering. Put on your protection goggles and gloves to avoid any harm to your eyes and hands. Now commence beating up the disk with a hammer and destroy it to small parts.

Be certain that no one else gets harmed by this method. Do this procedure with fantastic safeguards. Make sure you are not posing a hurt danger to anyone who is current in the identical area. The glass and ceramic platters shatter readily when the steel platters absolutely deform. Extremely meticulously dispose of all parts of the destroyed platters. Accumulate the shattered items cautiously so that they do not damage any person who visits the place after this process.

Strategy 2

Soften your challenging drive by working with acid. You will will need a potent acid like a battery acid or some other acid with equivalent attributes. Dunk your difficult disk into a container stuffed up by acid and enjoy your tough disk dissolve bit by bit. Make certain you dispose of the acid properly following you have dissolved your challenging drive. Acids are hazardous so proper treatment should be taken even though trying this method. Once the challenging disk is dissolved, all your facts will get completely ruined. You can also check out melting your disk push by putting it in a microwave.

Technique 3

Burn off your really hard disk. Warmth by yourself most likely will not ruin all your data, but putting your disk generate on hearth will certainly get the job done for you. The fumes of a burning hard disk are risky for well being, so make positive that you do not inhale the fumes and remain absent from the fireplace.

Put your difficult drive on fireplace in these a put wherever you can handle and management the hearth. It normally takes a couple of minutes to burn off the disk entirely. Following your disk drive is ruined, extinguish the fire.

System 4

Tricky drive can also be completely destroyed by utilizing hardware tools. You can use a drill device to make holes in the disk travel platters. Drill various holes in the platters to make guaranteed that no facts can be recovered from it. You can also check out applying a noticed to wipe out your hard disk.