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Data Recovery Methods – Chip-Off and JTAG

Data Recovery Methods – Chip-Off and JTAG

There are two principal strategies when working with cellular cellphone knowledge restoration and flash recoveries. By interrogating the NAND memory chip, both of these methods give info restoration engineers entry to a low-stage picture of the details, while they are the two quite unique. Mobile telephones, flash storage and sound-point out-drives all count on memory chips for storing information in contrast to tricky disk drives, which use rotating platters and examine/publish heads.

When it arrives to tricky disk drives they all tend to use a frequent strategy to storing information, indicating that facts restoration equipment can be generic. Flash devices on the other hand change a large amount extra having a wealth of unique information formats, file structures, algorithms, memory kinds and configurations, information extractors are usually ‘device specific’. This usually means that the only way to attain a bit for little bit duplicate of the uncooked information is to interrogate the memory chips directly, effectively bypassing the functioning program. This is where by chip-off and JTAG engineering will come into perform.

The 1st system is the chip-off approach. This technique necessitates de-soldering the memory chip from the circuitry. In order to take out the chip from the unit without leading to any damage it demands precision ability underneath a microscope as earning any very small blunders risks getting rid of all the info permanently. Immediately after the chip is taken off it can be read through with information extractors. NAND chips are typically a great deal simpler to read than other styles of chip and are normally what SD cards and iPhones use. This is because of to the memory architecture and pin configuration becoming standardised. The pins are on the outside this means there is no will need to rebuild the connectors. Other frequent varieties of chip this kind of as the BGA have numerous connectors on the underside which are straight soldered to the motherboard with thousands of distinct configurations so are substantially a lot more hard to take away.

The 2nd approach is JTAG which does not involve removing of the chip. A details restoration engineer can in some cases access the memory via the JTAG ports. This is a significantly extra lengthy approach and does not damage the media. This usually means it can be held in a doing the job point out which is occasionally a important requirement in forensic investigations. A draw back of this technique is that it is not normally as productive and can be a riskier possibility.

Both approaches will make a reduced-stage impression which is then ‘decoded’ and the user’s data can be rebuilt. Each chip-off and JTAG technological know-how is increasing and becoming a lot a lot more reliable this means that the accomplishment costs of information recovery from cell phones is just about as great as that of hard disk drives.